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Respect for Life with Keith Muhammad

The Respect For Life broadcast is dedicated to the upliftment and unity of the black community.
Each show is designed to provide the listeners with news, information,, and thought provoking
truths, that challenges them to think beyond their comfort zone. The shows host, Keith Muhammad, a 30yr Student of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Chester Representative of the Nation of Islam, provides insightful cometary and dialogue that motivates and inspires the listener to make positive and lasting change in their life as well as in their community. His goal is to change the world one mind at a time.


Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10 am 12 pm. Join us for open conversations on real-life situations. 

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Kick’n It Wit Ceez

Ceez started  his show on October 7th, 2020. His show is centered on making a change in his community one step at a time. 
On his show, Ceez discusses important topics locally, regionally and nationally with a hip hop feel.  Every show he showcases one pair of his sneakers from his collection  

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Hour 23

Hour 23 with the self proclaimed Ms. Pettiologist herself broadcast focuses on advice letters from viewers, with call in segments, Weekly horoscopes, fun facts and current events. An entertaining show that airs at 11pm, hence the name Hour 23

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Mental Health Talk

Mental Health Talk is a newly added show, that focuses on self reflection, Chakras cleansing, mental wellness and more with our host Christina McIntire airing on Sundays at 12-12:30.