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Marketing Director

Market Analysis

Marketing Director oversees the overall marketing efforts

  • Ensure all events are promoted in a timely manner of said event. (Ex: July 4th event, campaign starts 1st week of June)

  • Perform research on audience preferences as it pertains to engagement post

  • Generate, edit, publish content daily on the website, and social media platforms

  • Collaborate with Digital Media Coordinator, Station manager, and CEO to ensure brand consistency

Radio Engineer

Hand on Soundmixing Board

Station engineers provide technical support to shows airing.

  • Ensure the computer and Tv are connected and the Facebook page is seen for comments during the show.

  • Ensure that the Butt Application(on computer) is recording and playing during the show and labeled for the show.

  • Zoom is switched on for best quality audio

  • Ensure that microphones and headphones are plugged in, at an acceptable volume.

Digital Media Coordinator

Digital Work

Digital Media Coordinator creates original text and video content, manganese post and responds to followers on all platforms to increase’s social media presence. Manage the company’s image and in a cohesive way achieve our marketing goals, while ensuring is seen in a Cultivated Mature Positive way.

  • Performs research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences

  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content daily (ex; original text photos, videos, and news)

  • Collaborate with Marketing Director, Station Manager and CEO to ensure brand consistency

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